Don’t miss out on the fun — Or the success!

You’ll be amazed at how everyone in the audience will want to participate in The Paul Adams Game Show. They love the bigger-than-life games, fast paced competitions and total audience interaction. They are drawn to the excitement, the chance to win something, and the sheer fun of it all. For over two decades The Paul Adams Game Show has been the sought-after attraction for the biggest fairs and expositions through-out the United States and Canada. He’s a performer, an entertainer, and above all . . . a showman. He’s Paul Adams!

… Paul Adams was a bigger hit than any of the comedy or hypnotists performances we’ver ever contracted … a perfect show for hard to please older teens … Exceptional! … not one disengaged or disinterested attendee.

Keith Chambers, Hillsboro High School After Prom Committee
Hillsboro, Ohio
Paul Adams Productions, Inc. • Cincinnati, OH